About Us

National T. D. Service is A Real Estate Foreclosure Service. We are capable of serving both private lenders and loan servicing companies. The technology is in place to serve all of your foreclosure needs.

This site started out primarily as a way to view current sales information for National T. D. Service. Click on Sales Information to the left and you will see which properties are currently in the sale period. As you choose other items at the menu to the left you will see that this web site has grown to include other useful information.

In addition, other services include reconveying and generating and recording of other documents which are required when dealing with Trust Deeds. National T. D. Service software allows the creation of forms that meet the requirements of recorders offices.

Also, National T. D. Service has a Pacer membership which allows viewing of bankruptcy information.

National T. D. Service looks forward to serving all of your Trust Deed needs.